Low-value, high-frequency, telco-data analytics scoring-based lending program, providing the unbanked and underbanked prepaid subscribers greater access to finance. This is linked to innovative provisions of the most basic utilities and services such as water, power, education, health and nutrition.


Another world-first financing facility for direct-to-biller utility payment customer experience.


The integrated micro-savings and micro-insurance initially for K-12 students in the public school system. Focused on driving inclusive growth aligned with the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion.


A FinTech intervention digitizing G2P/D2P disbursements and M&E processes, including creating electronic payments ecosystem in the value chain.  Promotes financial literacy and inclusive growth across targeted unbanked and underserved communities.  Provides speed, transparency, accountability, security and efficiency.


First mobile-based global fund campaign launched two days after devastation of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in partnership with the Philippines Disaster Resilience Foundation. Aimed to help fund relief and recovery programs with various NGOs, international aid and humanitarian agencies and private corporations.