Digital Banking

In excess of Php25 billion (US$500 million) in loans released as of October 2017

We offer bespoke solutions that deliver financial services on digital platforms. We innovate multiple solutions so that our partner can re-define the game, change the rules and make them stand out from their competitors. Check out our multi awarded solutions:

LANDBANK Mobile LoanSaver
Lendr Loans Marketplace

Digital Security

More than 5 global awards and accolades

Integrity and security are key priorities in the digital financial world.
Offer complete control to your customers with the touch of their mobile phone, anywhere in the world. Explore Lock by Mobile, our multi-awarded solution applicable to debit and credit products.

Digital Aid & Finance

Over Php6.8 billion (US$148 million) in cash grants disbursed

Smart, NATCCO, local coops disburse DSWD conditional cash grants in Eastern Visayas
We have purposely designed and rolled out inclusive financial products targeted to the unserved and underserved segment.  We support the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (co-authored with BSP/Central Bank of the Philippines) through the development of micro-insurance and social payment products.  Our partners include Government agencies, banks, cooperatives, international aid partners, insurance companies and lending companies while coordinating with various regulators.


The National Strategy for Financial Inclusion of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) is the framework that sets out to optimize the collective efforts of various contributors toward financial inclusion in the Philippines. It targets to raise awareness, appreciation and understanding of financial inclusion among various stakeholders. FINTQ is a co-author of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion.  

FINTQ is committed to being an active contributor to the national effort to reduce poverty.  We believe that our solutions for the underserved and unbanked can help in poverty reduction by emphasizing their financial inclusion.  

We encourage others to participate and join us in this national initiative.  To encourage the exchange of ideas, we set up IGNITE – Inclusive Growth Network of Innovations Towards Empowerment, a digital hub and online forum for individuals and organizations. On IGNITE, we can share best practices and celebrate our successes in driving financial inclusion, inclusive growth and development.


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LockByMobile provides an additional security layer for consumer accounts, such as credit, debit and prepaid cards, and even electronic wallets. Take control with LockByMobile’s disable and re-enable function by “locking and unlocking” your accounts using your mobile phone.




Lendr is an end-to-end loans origination and loans management platform that you can access via your desktop or mobile device.




KasamaKA is a community and income builder program where each member may refer other individuals who are interested to apply for various digital financial services.


Digital ID system to narrow the financial divide in the country

The creation of a centralized identification system will close the financial gap in the country as it would enable Filipinos to access financial services.
“Millions of Filipinos are denied access to financial services because they unfortunately lack an identification card to show to banks. The recently signed Philippine Identification System Act effectively gives unbanked and uncarded Filipinos the legal recognition they need to be able to live fully as citizens such as having easier access to financial services,” said Lito Villanueva, FintechAlliance.PH Chairman.

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Get your new wheels with Maybank via Lendr!

Borrowers can now conveniently apply for an auto loan with Maybank through FINTQ’s award-winning digital lending platform, Lendr.
“With Maybank now live in Lendr, our customers have more choices for their financing needs. Our fast, secure and reliable platforms are here to help our bank partners like Maybank extend their reach and further grow their business,” said FINTQ Managing Director Lito Villanueva.

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