Millions of Filipinos still have limited or no access to affordable financial products and services. It’s either they live in far-flung areas, it’s expensive, or they simply do not know anything about alternative options. To address this gap, KasamaKA was born as a grassroots-based, self-help, and digital-enabled social intervention to promote financial literacy and inclusive growth. KasamaKA is a cost-efficient, convenient, secured, and transparent shared services platform to expand banks and non-banks’ reach to the unbanked and underserved markets, providing microsavings, microinsurance, microinvestments, and lending to all Filipinos.


FINTQ is the leader and award-winning financial technology provider of customer-centric, demand-driven, mobile-first, value-creating, and inclusive digital financial innovations. It is the largest and the only FinTech business in the country with diverse digital banking and finance portfolio of platforms including lending, security, micro-savings, micro-investments, micro-insurance, disbursements, micro-credit and virtual banking, among others.

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