The National Strategy for Financial Inclusion of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) is the framework that sets out to optimize the collective efforts of various contributors toward financial inclusion in the Philippines. It targets to raise awareness, appreciation and understanding of financial inclusion among various stakeholders. FINTQ is a co-author of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion.  

FINTQ is committed to being an active contributor to the national effort to reduce poverty.  We believe that our solutions for the underserved and unbanked can help in poverty reduction by emphasizing their financial inclusion.  

We encourage others to participate and join us in this national initiative.  To encourage the exchange of ideas, we set up IGNITE – Inclusive Growth Network of Innovations Towards Empowerment, a digital hub and online forum for individuals and organizations. On IGNITE, we can share best practices and celebrate our successes in driving financial inclusion, inclusive growth and development.